Monday, March 11, 2019

RIVERS STATE; A political culture of violence unlimited By Ugo Egbujo

In the end, Rivers is our shame. A political culture of violence unlimited
Every leader in Rivers state steals elections. And that has been since the second republic. They dont just steal it. They use guns. They spill blood.
They have made it a culture. Awuse, Odili, Amaechi , Wike. All of them. They are same political family. Though some are much more violent than others.
They are all culpable. They make everywhere tense. They steal electoral materials . They falsify figures rampantly.
The extremely violent ones amongst them can slaughter electoral officials whom they cant bribe. Stubborn opponents have been beheaded. It's wicked.
But who can blame them? It has become the system. Nobody has been punished. People have become lords simply by passing violence around.
So who can stop them?
Where are the adults in Rivers state?
Unfortunately even their Bishops and traditional rulers have become part of the crisis.
What sort of politicians depend on the military and militants to win elections? They are normal politicians. They play by the rules.
The rules in Rivers are unfortunately different.

In 2015, no elections held in Rivers. The military and militants were used to scare away the opposition then. International observers fled. Some persons benefited from the armed robbery.
And that reinforced that culture.
The opposition was prevented by militants and cultists from campaigning in home of the then First Lady. Children watched and shook their heads.
So those who stole were rewarded.
After 2015 cultists took over the state. And grounded whole local governments. Where were they supposed to work after their election duties?
The military was brought in to restore some peace. All repeat elections that held since 2015 have been utterly farcical. The military is the soul of the everyday security architecture of Rivers
We always pretend not to know.
In 2019, no real elections held in in Rivers. People have simply laid their hands on all instruments of violence and subterfuge they can find. They are playing by the rules.
The military, police and militants are being free used like mercenaries. Militants own the streets. Shoot the opponents of their principals. People's homes are searched at will by soldiers. Soldiers and policemen roam the streets like buccaneers.
What sort of politicians are these? They would have been different if they were in Lagos.
Thats the truth.
Look at the contest in Kano. Look at that in even volatile Plateau. Look at that in Oyo.

Why is Rivers exceptionally violent?
I am not one of those who think the military shouldn't be in Rivers. That's hypocrisy. Naive idealism.
If the military is removed from Rivers only the owners of militants and cultists will win elections there. The police are incapable of withstanding the militants.
Ask the oil companies and their workers.
So first things first.
Rivers must be cleared of all traces of active militancy.
Rivers politics must be disinfected. Too many wasps and bees. The level violence in Rivers will deter serious investments.
But why do people cheer and support these buccaneers? why is there no real moral outrage on the streets?
They know its been the system. And unfortunately they are not fed up yet.
It's our collective shame

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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

The Polls By Bayo Onanuga

It is now crystal clear that Muhammadu Buhari of the All Progressives Congress is heading for a crushing defeat of Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, candidate of the opposition Peoples Democratic Party.
There had been surprises and upsets in many states as the results were announced, but not predicted was that the APC candidate, vilified on social media by PDP warriors, on the pulpits by bigoted hate preachers, would return a resounding victory against PDP.
Here are some of the lessons learnt in the February 23 election:
1. Social media power overrated: If elections are won on Twitter and Facebook, President Buhari would by now be writing his handover notes and be preparing to tend his cows on his farm in Daura. But the limitations of the social media platforms especially Twitter have just been exposed by the results of the election. The candidate of the PDP got more retweets, more likes for tweets by supporters on Twitter, but such preferences count for nothing in the real voting. For information, although there are over 92 million Nigerians using the internet, not all of them are connected to the social media platforms.
According to some verified statistics, about 25 million Nigerians use Facebook, with 16 million being active users.
Twitter users are in several millions, representing just 8.83% of social media users. At 8.29 %, users of Pinterest are surprisingly close to users of Twitter. Instagram commands just 2.0 per cent and Facebook 78.47 per cent as at 2018.
This may explain why the orchestrated campaigns of falsehood and calumny against the APC candidate did not get much traction going into the election. As past elections had shown in Nigeria, the people who vote are the ordinary people, the peasants, petty traders, artisans who are not wired to the social media platforms. And they have spoken in favour of the candidate they believe is the greatest friend of the ‘Talakawa’.
2. Elite power, pulpit power has been smashed by the results of the election. Those hate preachers who abused the pulpit to command their congregation to vote for the PDP have been put to shame. Elite in the north and south who believe Buhari has been ‘bad business’ and worked vigorously to dethrone him, now also know their powers are limited. The ordinary masses hold the master key to ‘people power’. Buhari, like in 2015, has overcome elite gang up and conspiracy of the churches. In Abuja, the votes recorded in Kubwa, Garki, Mbappe and some other places with a wide Christian population and civil servants against Buhari were to some extent offset by farmers living in the villages around the capital.
3. Politicians who put a lot of score on endorsement now should know better. The Afenifere in Yorubaland and the various political groups largely failed to mobilise the votes for Buhari in the region, despite their endorsement. The results in Lagos, Ogun, Osun, Ondo, Ekiti, Oyo were too close to show that the people did not heed the instructions of the groups. Ohanaeze was also rebuffed to some extent in the south east states. The Northern Elders Forum of Ango Abdullahi, the Middle Belt Forum, the Arewa Consultative Forum need some reality checks about their power as opinion moulders.
4. The fourth lesson is that Igbo appeared to have learnt some lessons from their one-basket political disposition in 2015. In 2019, they did not put all their eggs in one basket, as they gave Buhari more than 25 per cent in Ebonyi, Abia, Anambra and Imo. Only Enugu gave Buhari the snub as the opposition recorded a thumping victory here, 355,553 votes to Buhari’s 54,423. In Lagos, however, Igbo voting pattern like suspected in 2015, unsettled their Yoruba hosts, leading to threatening inter-ethnic hostility. Yoruba believe that Igbo should always support their interests, afterall ‘When in Rome, one is expected to behave like the Romans’.

5.All politics is truly local. Kwarans demonstrated this in the way they humiliated the PDP and its chief strategist, Bukola Saraki, rejecting the campaign of ‘better Nigeria’, ‘making Nigeria work again’, for home grown wild fire campaign of ‘O To ge’, which translates to “Enough is Enough’. The campaign dethroned Saraki from Kwara central senate seat and smashed the PDP into political irrelevance, with the APC recording 308,984 votes, two and a half times more than the 138,184 votes recorded by the PDP. In Daura, Katsina, voters showed the APC senatorial candidate that he needed to settle with them as they clobbered him, by voting for the Accord Party candidate, in the same polling unit, where Buhari recorded over 700 votes to three for Atiku. In Kogi state, Dino Melaye won a return ticket to the Senate despite all the controversies he generated. He will need to thank fumbling ex-police chief, Ibrahim Idris for making him popular with his people. And in Bauchi, speaker Yakubu Dogara survived his expected political demise and won fourth term ticket in his Bogoro/Dass/Tafawa Balewa Federal constituency.
6. Buhari is the only politician in Nigeria today with a solid home base. President Buhari has proven once again that he is the Awolowo, Aminu Kano of our time, posting overwhelming victory in his home state of Katsina and other states, such as Kano, Zamfara, Kebbi, Kaduna, Jigawa in the North West that he had consistently won since 2003, when he made the first bid for Nigeria’s presidency. Buhari also showed commanding presence in the North east. Atiku failed to show such political force in his state of Adamawa that he won with a few thousand votes. Then to show how Buhari has gathered much political traction since elected in 2015, he had a strong showing in states, such as Benue, Plateau, Taraba, Nasarawa, with high Christian population, that Atiku thought he would have won convincingly, based on the propaganda that Buhari is anti-Christian. Buhari similarly cut inroads into South South and South East states, denying Atiku any Tsunami effect from the zones.
7. Finally, lies, falsehood do get their comeuppances in the fullness of time. This election has proven this. Buhari in the run-up to the poll was the target of so many vicious lies and propaganda. The most reprehensible lie was that he was a clone from Sudan planted in Aso Rock. He was also painted as a hater of Christians, who allowed Boko Haram to seize a Christian girl Leah Sharibu. They accused him of promoting an Islamisation agenda and of being an ethnic bigot who favoured his region in appointments. Some even said he had finished Nigeria with foreign debts, a claim that was not supported by available facts. The opposition will need to invent new lies now as the President has posted a most crushing defeat of their candidate.
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Monday, February 25, 2019

Lamentations of Bukola the son of Saraki by UGO EGBUJO

I could have stayed. Now I have strayed.
I had Kwara. I had Kwara APC. I could have stayed. Now I have gambled away a political dynasty. I was reckless.
I had swallowed their shit. I could have just stayed. And endured it. And kept my Kwara.
Me wey sabi road. How did I walk with open eyes into an Atikulated bush?
I could have stayed . How did I stray?
Look at it. Everything is now in utter ruins. I have been reduced to rubbles. What will I be without Kwara, without a political office, without a political home?
Haba! I was foolish. It's true I suffered these last four years. Always sweating profusely at night. But now I am in the wilderness.
I could have stayed . That prophetess told me to stay. The other marabout told me to stay. Baba told me to stay. I didnt trust him but I should have stayed.
I have strayed. I am lost.
They have derobed a Ninja. They have taken his sword. They are preparing me for the guillotine. My camp is in disarray. My soldiers are fleeing.
See this Atiku man. And his bad luck. Atiku is bad business. I took him to America. I took him everywhere. I did my best. Atleast he should have cushioned my fall. Amaechi lost in 2015. But Buhari won. And Amaechi remained afloat.
But Atiku is a thick albatross.
Atiku! He says he is from the northeast. He is a political liability. Political witch! Yes witch! I can call him that.
He has wasted me, Dankwambo, Kwankwaso........
But mine is the worst. Allah don Allah.......
What is my fate now?
And Obasanjo is not picking calls!
@ Ugo Egbujo.
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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

SHOCKING: Man scammed of N10m by a prophet cries out for help

A yet-to-identified man has cried out for help after reportedly getting scammed by a prophet

- According to the gist, he sow the total sum of N10m to the prophet who started avoiding him once he became broke

- A Facebook user identified as Charles Awuzie has since taken up the case, threatening to expose the church if the money is not returned to the owner

It is no news that there is a growing movement of critics focused on exposing fake religious leaders who hide under the guise of religion to cheat their trusting followers. This story brought to like by Facebook user, Charles Awuezi, is no different.

According to the post which he put up, a yet-to-be-identified man cried out for help after he was allegedly scammed by a prophet who collected the sum of N10m in the name of seed sowing.

Awuezi's post further revealed that immediately the man discovered he had been scammed, he tried contacting the prophet who was said to be avoiding him. The man who recently got married stated he first paid N5,000,000 few days before his wedding and after his wedding, paid over N3,000,000 on the demands of the prophet.
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Friday, June 29, 2018

How i survived tanker explosion by Amojo Gbenga

I and my friends could have been in that fire accident yesterday. We were in two cars on convoy going to church in Iju. A LASTMA official had prevented us from connecting through the bridge at Ojota. So we moved on towards Berger to connect Agidingbi through the Otedola Bridge. We were just discussing this morning and agreeing that we probably overtook the tanker on the way. We were at LASEPA, Agidingbi when I saw the beginning of the thick smoke. My friend insisted it was burning refuse; my little experience with fossil fire told me otherwise. We only escaped that inferno by about 2-3minutes.
So I was just wondering what we/our family would be saying this morning. I made my colleague wait so we could be on convoy and show us the easiest way to Iju. A LASTMA official illegally directed us to the path of utter destruction. We only escaped by a few minutes. We were caught up in that fire and managed to escape,we would have lost two cars. My colleague just cleared his car from the port that morning . It didn't even have a plate number! We probably would be regretting now. And I would have been bitting my finger and wishing I had not made plans to attend church yesterday.
God knew I was going to serve him and guided me of harm's way even when a human intentionally directed me there.
I took this shot around Agidingbi. What we saw was terrible. I had never seen such.
God be praise! My heart goes out to all those who lost someone or property yesterday. May God Almighty console you. I will be praying with you.
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Saturday, June 9, 2018

THE TRAMADOL CRISIS: The Youths And The Untold Truths

                                                        Photo:  Felix Chidi Wobialor

Written by Felix Chidi Wobialor

"After you go say you be hard man,only 200mg,you no dey see road again,they all laughed!!!
 It is the talk of the town, yes! it is currently the anthem on the mouth and lips of the youth.
We have turned it into joke,but gradually it's taking over the youths and robbing them of their usefulness.Others say it enables them to last long in bed, it boost our energy for us to perform well in our daily activities hence the rush on this drug, tramadol!

 Obviously, one of the ill plaguing Nigeria today is the misuse of drugs specifically "Tramadol" and other forms of substances which are either poorly regulated or banned for use in the country.
 It is in the light of this unfortunate situation that I'll carefully examine the menace, causes, effects of using the un-prescribed drugs and suggest ways to ameliorate it.
 Tramol as is popularly known had been in existence for the purpose of pain relieve use to mitigate the extreme pain one goes through in the process of a successful surgery or operation.
Tramadol is a painkiller medication that is a synthetic analogue of codeine. In comparison with other opiates, tramadol is a commonly prescribed analgesic because of its relatively lower risk of addiction and better safety profile.Tramadol is used to treat moderate to severe pain. This substances can be used as part of a combination therapy. This means you may need to take it with other medications.

How is Tramadol Abused?
Any non-medical use of tramadol can be considered as abuse. Tramadol is apparently abused for its euphoric effect and its potential ability to lengthen the ejaculatory latency period.
Premature ejaculation (PE) is a common male sexual disorder. Perceived or real premature ejaculation is associated with sexual anxiety and altered sensitivity to serotonin (a chemical present in the brain that sends signals between nerve cells in the brain).
 Serotonin plays an important role in regulating mood, and low levels of serotonin in the brain have been associated with depression and many sexual dysfunctions including Premature Ejaculation. Since tramadol is believed to increase brain levels of serotonin, it makes pharmacological sense that young men are misusing it as a sexual enhancer to delay ejaculation.
 Tramadol begins to produce effects one hour after dosing, which reach a peak at 2 to 3 hours. Tramadol itself has an elimination half life of 6.3 hours, M1 has a half life of 7.4 hours. As such, tramadol is longer acting than codeine, hydrocodone, and other opiates, with efects which may last up to 8 hours. Tramadol is typically given every 4 to 6 hours when prescribed for pain. Steady state blood levels are generally reached within 2 days with regular dosing (every 6 hours).

Effects of Tramadol Over use
Although these effects may be less pronounced, or unattainable in the opioid tolerant individual. Subjective effects may include analgesia, anxiolysis, wakefulness or trouble sleeping, a sense of motivation, relaxation, a sense of well being and a positive effect on mood. Tramadol is much less sedating than typical opioids, due to its effects on norepinephrine (i.e. noradrenaline).
Side effects may include miosis, constipation, nausea and vomiting, respiratory depression, myoclonus, headache, ear ringing, orthostatic hypotension, sweating, and hot flashes. Little or no significant histamine release has been observerved in studies, though itching has been reported by individuals. As with any opioid, tramadol can cause respiratory depression which can be harmful or fatal, though this is rare with tramadol, and occurs mainly in naive individuals with excessive doses. One hazard which sets tramadol apart from other opioids is the very real risk of serotonin syndrome and grand mal seizure - Doses in excess of 400mg in 24 hours is likely to provoke seizures and in severe cases death.

 Are abusers justified then?
Even though there is some evidence to support the use of Tramadol in the short-term management of premature ejaculation, this should not be encouraged because the risk involved is higher and there are better and safer alternatives. Besides, abusers rarely follow any medical advice in using tramadol. 
In our case, abusers who withdraw often suffer from a heightened form of premature ejaculation. Abusers are then forced to resort to it, this time at higher doses.  According to scientific studies, however, opioids misuse can lower the levels of the male sex hormone (testosterone), suppress sexual function in men and cause erectile dysfunction (impotence) later in life. They can also contribute to low libido and difficulty with orgasm in both men and women.
  Honestly speaking, fighting the abuse of drug in Nigeria is a challenge. It is so sad for the ears to hear that those in charge of drug control doesn’t have accurate statistics pertaining to the number of drugs imported into the country.
Let’s stand on our toes and keep condemning any illegal activities destroying our youth and in so doing our laws will permanently gain it sharp teeth once and for all.

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Sunday, June 3, 2018


First exclusive interview with Chukwudi Ebim,  State Secretary-Organizer River State Council of the Boys Brigade, Nigeria. He is a lover of the Boy Child Ministry,He is an Advance National Trainer of the Boys Brigade.
His appointment came to us as no surprise because he is an episode of leadership.To many he is a mentor full of enthusiasm and has an insight which are really inspiring.

On your elevation to new office,we at felixchidi blog deemed it fit to have an interview with you sir,..
Can we meet you!?

My name is Chukwudi Ebim,  State Secretary-Organizer, Rivers State Council of the Boys Brigade, Nigeria.

Congratulations ones again, indeed hard works pays
Ebim:Thank you,
Yes it pays.

Sir the boy's brigade is a voluntary organization,we enrolled to serve and take up responsibilities...sir,what has been your motivation,seeing to it that it's a voluntary service, but against all odd you rose to this height
God has been my motivation. As a voluntary organization though Christ centered, we do not expect to be paid because God rewards us daily.
The BOY is another core motivation because we are focused on developing him for a better tomorrow. 

Sir,you have held many post in the Boy's brigade before been elevated  to this office. Can we get a run down of your previous offices
 Ebim:Prayer Secretary, Port Harcourt west Archdeaconry A.C.B, Deputy Coordinator, Diocese of Niger Delta North A.C.B, Chairman, Garrison Battalion Council Captain's Forum, Secretary and Chairman, State Trainers forum respectively, State Public Relations Officer, Chairman zonal Council trainers Committee and finally State Assistant Secretary-Organizer (Recruitment and Extension)
             photo: Ebim chukwudi taking a hand shake during his appointment as SSO,Rivers State

Sir,from our researched, we found out that you are an intellectual. Sir we want to know,how do you strike the balance between your personal life,your education,your spiritual life and the Boy's brigade activities
Ebim:In life you must set your priorities straight. Spiritual life, Education, personal life and the Boys Brigade are all important. The secret is to give them quality time at the point you are attending to them. Education is important and spirituality is very essential but it doesn't mean you should not be educated while trying to be spiritual. The Boys Brigade is no longer an activity group but now a way of life because her activities are carried out on a daily basis. 

Sir,you are the new state secretary organizer Rivers state council of the boy's brigade Nigeria.. Can you throw more light and tell us what this position is about.
 Ebim:Well I need not to say much just know that State Secretary-Organizer is just an office and Chukwudi Ebim is currently the office bearer. It is the highest administrative office in a state council, the office bearer is in charge of the secretariat, and various administrators in the State Council. The State Secretary-Organizer is the Chief Administrative Officer and Chief Training Officer of the State Council, etc.
                                                     Photo: Ebim Chukwudi on official duty

On your resumption to office,you have made so many appointments, bringing more capable hands to see to the day to day running of the organization and to yield growth of the organization. Sir,we would want to know those appointed and their lines of duties.
 Ebim:So far we've made just two appointments and they are Mr Itoro Wisdom Capt. Who is now the Chairman, state trainers forum. He's going to be in-charge of all the trainers in the State Council and reports back to the Training officer who is accountable to the State Council and
Mr Adi-Wobeh Evans who was appointed Administrative Assistant to the State Secretary-Organizer. He man's the administrative matters of the SSO, works directly with the SSO and reports back to Him. 

The past administration has really tried,but your adminstration is the spotlight now,and we have just had a welcome development already of you and your capable teams working on bible study manual for the Boy's brigade fellowship. Wow!,sir we know this isn't the only innovation you are trying to put in place,what other things are we to expect from you
 Ebim:Of a truth we are making a lot of innovations that will complement the good works of our former SSO.
The steadfast farms kicks off before long and that farm is to create jobs for our unemployed officer's, we just secured an office space (steadfast house) and lots of other things which I would advise you to follow up as they unfold with the speed at which we are using to execute them. 

Sir,You founded the RSSM,and since then,it has gain publicity, we really appreciate you for giving the media a voice in the Rivers State council.
 Ebim:Thank you

Well,Sir,some persons are interested in joining the RSSM,any recuritment ongoing?. Because here at Felix child blog,we have interested persons who are also members of the Boys brigade who has been trained in journalism but has not been opportune to know about the recuritment.
 Ebim:RSSM does not really have a specific time for recruitment rather we encourage intere applicants to send In an application letter through the office of the Managing Editor and wait for response. 

Sir,let's talk about the Rivers State Steadfast Band,what are your plans towards it.How do you plan to improve it and bring it to spotlight.
 Ebim:We have one of the best band in the Country and our aim is to make it much better to be the best in the country.

Sir,What do you intend to achieve in the coming years using your office as the SSO. Rivers state council.
 Ebim:A lot, like I said earlier, follow the pace and keep the records.

Wow  really power vision. In Psalm 127:1
Unless the LORD builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Unless the LORD watches over the city,the watchman stays awake in vain. We pray the long gives you straight to execute all that you in mind.

Ebim: Amen.....Thank you

Thank you sir for the interview, we appreciate you for making out time out of your busy schedule

Ebim:Thank you.
                          Photo: Ebim Chukwudi, State Secretary Organizer, Rivers State Council

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